Who We Are

Sing You Seniors is the product of over 30 years experience working with seniors in nursing homes, active senior centers and day care for frail elderly. Music, especially sing-a-long, is the most important medium among various programs to reach seniors and provide entertainment, therapeutic benefits, and joy and dignity to seniors.

The Realization

The most profound experience, and the one that planted the seed for Sing You Seniors, was as a volunteer playing piano at a nursing home. After playing for about an hour, a gentleman approached me with tears in his eyes, telling me his mother had been in the facility for five years without having uttered a word or moving a muscle; yet she was now humming and tapping her toes. My tears joined his, and I knew I would use music to reach seniors everywhere and make a difference in their lives.

The Team

My son Jim has been using computers for many years, and has become expert in Web design, programming and troubleshooting for family and friends on the technical side. He is the perfect partner for my venture. Thanks, Mom! :-)

Bobbie Bushey, Senior Program Specialist / Entertainer
Jim Crissman, Production Manager

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